Anarres 2 cooperative community

March 25, 2016

Summer 2016

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I’ll be camping out on the land in June this year. If you’d like to visit, please leave a comment and we can set up a rough appointment so that we can be there at the same time and I can help you find it. I may make side trips while I’m there, and I wouldn’t want to miss your visit. If you come by Amtrak, I can pick you up in Winnemucca. Visitors are welcome to camp out, but you’ll need your own tent or vehicle to sleep in. I wouldn’t sleep out in the open since there is supposedly a mountain lion in the area, but he or she keeps a very low profile. One neighbor who has lived there for years and years has only seen tracks, and he lives much farther up the mountain.

My goals are to get the canvas roof up on the yurt, finish the fence (to keep free ranging cattle away from the trees), improve the sun shelter, plant some more trees and make a fire break (a mound of dirt around the fence). Also want to put a glass cover over my water reservoir and see if that works as a water heater. I will probably break down and buy a gas stove this year. Some warm coffee or soup would be really nice on those cold mornings.

I got a letter from a consultant for a gold mining company regarding a possible expansion of the power line that runs to the south of the lot. They wanted permission to do an environmental and historical survey in case they use that route, which was an alternate route. I granted them permission, but I was worried about it because if it goes through we’d probably have some really big power lines there and would lose part of the land. According to the news, however, the company declared bankruptcy, so hopefully the project is dead. It doesn’t mean the company is dead, but they probably won’t be able to come up with the money for the project (hopefully). UPDATE: Got a letter today: “…the 345 kV transmission line is no longer proposed…. NV Energy has submitted a letter to the Bureau of Land Management withdrawing their application…” Yea!

I really need to find more people to get involved in this project. Isn’t there anyone else who would like to see an egalitarian, democratic, cooperative/socialist community happen in northern Nevada? I could advertise more, but I think it’s more likely that I’ll find serious, dedicated people if they find Anarres Two themselves than if they see an ad and say, “Hey, that sounds like fun”. My current approach has not been very effective though.


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