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July 29, 2012

Putting it into words

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Someone asked me to explain my vision, so I’ll try:

I was thinking of something like a kibbutz, but without any strict ideology (some of those communities would raise the children separate from their parents, etc.). I was thinking it would start out like a campground, or we could each be responsible for our own housing, or we could work together to build housing out of locally available materials (like straw bales). Ideally, there would be a community building that would house a kitchen, dining area, lodging for visitors and workshops. People would be working mainly to meet their own needs, but would also need to sell whatever surplus they produced, or chose some promising activity as a way to earn income for the community (by meeting some locally unmet need perhaps).  The income would be shared by the members of the community. I imagine some of the income would be used for community purposes, such as food, infrastructure, health insurance, etc. and the rest would be divided up among the members to spend as they like, based on the number of hours worked. I don’t like the idea of communities that control their members economically or ideologically, or that try to impose certain values on them. That being said, of course this would be a socialist form of community, not primarily a money-making scheme, with the idea of providing a cooperative alternative to capitalism.


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