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June 15, 2013

Why We Left the Farm

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Interviews with refugees from The Farm, one of the largest communes of the 70’s. Many lessons here:

And here’s the blog of someone who grew up on The Farm. She points out on her About page that her mom was especially strict about certain things, like sugar, so you should keep that in mind as you read her blog:


June 14, 2013

Thunder Mountain Monument/Park

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There is an interesting little collection of bottle buildings and sculptures along I-80, just downhill from the lots I’m trying to buy (now we’re negotiating a survey). Here are some stories about the place and the man who inspired it:

Apparently it was an intentional community at one point, composed of people seeking “pure and radiant hearts”. It was also inspired by native american history and beliefs. I tried to visit, but the gate was locked when I was there. The road behind the park leads up to the lots I want.

June 1, 2013

Back to Winnemucca

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Well, my mom bought a Prius-C and she’s agreed to let me drive her old Forester for a few months, so I’m off to Winnemucca tomorrow to look at some land. Here are the lots I’m interested in:

The first is zoned AMR (agriculture, mining, recreation), which means it could be developed into a campground, but not a group home. It’s 20 acres and about 35 miles from Winnemucca, which has an Amtrak station. It’s gently sloping. Drilling a well is likely to be less expensive. It costs $14,000.

The second is zoned MDR (medium density rural), so it could be used for a group home, but not a campground. It’s 10 acres and about 20 miles from Winnemucca. It’s hilly to mountainous. Drilling a well is likely to be expensive. It costs $8,000.

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