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May 31, 2013

Second thoughts about incorporation

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After doing further research into the incorporation process, and into the cost of transferring property, it looks like it is much cheaper and simpler to transfer cheap property than to set up a corporation. To incorporate in Nevada, there’s a $75 filing fee, a $125 fee to submit your list of officers, a $200 fee for a business license, a $100 or so annual fee for a local business agent to receive and forward legal documents, and an annual $125 fee to keep your corporate registration current. And a fee to the company that files the paperwork, since I really don’t know what I’m doing. They don’t help much though, they just make sure you fill out the right forms and submit them properly – I really should hire a lawyer to set it up right. The alternative would be for me to buy the land in my name and then, when there are a few other participants, to transfer ownership of the property to a corporation. This only requires drawing up a deed, the cost of which varies depending on how detailed/secure the deed is, from a quit claim deed to a warranty deed, but probably far less than the cost of setting up a corporation. Also, this would allow the other participants to have input into the incorporation process.


May 27, 2013

Back in the U.S.

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Well, I’ve been to my daughter’s college graduation, and now I’m hanging out with my mom in Bullhead City, AZ trying to decide my next move. I stopped off on the way to the graduation to see the 20 acre lot near Imlay, Nevada, but was on the wrong road and couldn’t find it. But the area was nice and the view of the mountains was great. I saw an elk (and a rattlesnake).  The lot I’m looking at is zoned AMR (Agriculture, Mining, Recreation) so what you can build on it is very limited, and we would have to basically live in tents and moveable, yurt-like structures, which works for me, but might not appeal to most people. We could have one permanent house or mobile home structure on the lot.

My first task is to buy some wheels, though. So far I’ve flown, rented cars, taken Amtrak, and ridden on a Mexican bus. I’m weighing buying a used Honda motorcycle, a new Ural motorcycle, or a new Jeep Patriot (expensive, but I’d probably sell it when I leave). Used trucks and SUVs are ridiculously expensive unless they have huge numbers of miles on them. If I bought a motorcycle, I’d rent a truck as needed.

I’m going to Los Algodones, Mexico on Wednesday (near Yuma) to buy some bifocals. My first trip to “Mexico” (it’s not a typical city, caters to American medical tourists), so it should be interesting.

Nicaragua is a bit far away…..

UPDATE:  Now my mom is thinking about buying a new car, so I may get/get to use her 2002 Subaru Forester, which would be awesome!

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