Anarres 2 cooperative community

March 24, 2018

Summer 2018?

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Current status of the project: Still looking for others interested in forming a worker coop-based, democratic socialist community. Still no water or septic though, and you need those before you can add county compliant housing. Still no power either. Still haven’t had anyone contact me who has said they like the idea, they are a committed democratic socialist and they are willing to help make it happen. My financial situation prevents me from sinking very much more money into the project at this point, but I plan to forge ahead as best I can.

I’m seriously considering a visit this summer. I didn’t go last year, so I really should go this year just to check on things and do maintenance on the fence, etc. I do enjoy camping out there. The Green Party is having its annual meeting in Salt Lake City in July, so that is tempting, too.

I came up with another business idea. I saw a story on TV about some guys in Iceland who are making vertical axis wind turbines. They are hand crafting them out of stainless steel (I think) and there are multiple parts needed to assemble their fancy, high-tech, and very expensive wind collectors. My idea is to make the collectors out of steel drums, a.k.a. oil drums (new or used) by cutting flaps in the drums and bending them into a similar configuration. Small turbines, the parts that actually generate the electricity, can be bought fairly reasonably. My other idea is to install solar panels over the roofs of mobile homes or as carports, which would provide shade (in short supply in Nevada) and electricity. We could build prototypes and test them at A2 as we develop them.

Hopefully there is water running in the Humboldt river this year. During my previous visits there wasn’t, but they’ve had a fair amount of rain since then. I could use that to water my trees this year instead of bothering my neighbor.


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