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July 9, 2013


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Planted two trees yesterday! It will be a while before there’s much shade from these skinny things though….Image

I’ll probably be around until early September to water them, but after that I will have to depend on visitors or the kindness of my neighbors. Since there is no well though, it would be a big favor to ask. The trees will probably need a gallon or two each, every few days or so, by that point. They should be ok over the winter, if the cows, deer and antelope don’t eat them.

Tree update: both trees are still alive and one is even blooming.         Blooming locust tree


July 6, 2013

High winds and lightning strikes

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I’m camping on the land now, but high winds and lightning strikes have me rethinking my original campground/ger camp idea. Last night was beautiful, in the 60’s, sky full of stars, quiet, gentle breeze, no mosquitoes, and no chiggers. But the previous three nights there were thunderstorms (sometimes even with a little rain), and I had to sleep in my car. One night the winds were so strong that the wind tore my tent off the tent stakes and turned my tent into a big, nylon tumbleweed, never to be seen again. I found five of the six tent stakes still in the ground! So now I’m thinking about  buying a high mileage or non-running large van and parking it out there. I’d put some wooden spacers on the roof (some 2 X 4s glued to the roof) and then put a canvas tarp over it. That would create a cool and lightening safe shelter, and we could lock stuff up in it when we aren’t there.

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