Anarres 2 cooperative community

February 21, 2014

Brief description of proposed system

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This is from an email I sent in response to an inquiry:

“My scheme, in a nutshell, is to start up an alternative economy that is cooperative in nature internally (within the group) but participates in the market economy by selling surplus production and buying things the group can’t produce. One approach I like is to have people work as many hours as they want to at cooperative businesses (may have to set a minimum), then [distribute] what is produced on the basis of need, and divide the income from sales outside the community at an equal rate on the basis of hours worked. Management decisions would be made as a group. The advantage of this approach is that it frees people to work on supplying their own needs, eventually in large part outside of the market economy, which is how human societies functioned before capitalism. Ideally, this would work so well that other people would want to do it, too. But I’m nowhere near getting this going yet.”

In fact, still working on the first yurt…. Hope to finish it this summer, if I can make it back again this year.


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