Anarres 2 cooperative community

April 27, 2015

Projects for Summer 2015

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I’m planning to make it back to Anarres Two again this summer, from late July to mid August. Here is my “to do” list, in rough order of urgency:

– put the canvas roof on the yurt (which will be a community toilet, shower and cooking space eventually). If I put in two sets of stakes, I could stretch the tarp high enough to leave an air gap during the day and use the closer stakes at night.

– make a better solar water heater (a black plastic trash can inside an elevated wooden frame covered with plastic sheeting).

– make an “indoor” shower connected to the water heater (with a kiddie pool or plastic tub inside to collect water and with drainage to the outside, where the grey water can be collected and used to water trees, etc.).

– plant two more trees and water them really well. Maybe cottonwoods this time.

– make a sun shelter for my car (wooden posts with a tarp draped across them). It gets really hot during the day. I just draped a tarp over my car last year.

– dig a secure storage area

– enlarge the cistern pit for water storage

– collect rocks to put around trees and hoe the area around the trees and yurt as a firebreak.

– fence off the tree and yurt area, or at least fence off the new trees, to keep out roaming herds of livestock.

– if I still have time, collect rocks for area around the yurt and the path to the road.

If anyone wants to help me “build socialism” this summer, I could probably use your help. You would probably need to bring your own tent or sleep in your vehicle until we get a sleeping shelter built (it’s not on the “to do list” now, but we could add it). Living conditions are pretty rough at the moment.


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