Anarres 2 cooperative community

August 13, 2013

Update to proposed by-laws

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I’ve tried to simplify the proposed by-laws. When I first wrote them, I tried to model them after the corporate by-laws suggested by incorporation companies, but I think it was a bit more complex than what we really need. I’ve also simplified the annual fee structure ($100 per year for prospective members, $300 per year for full members). Income from these fees will help fund improvements. There is also the option of purchasing stock in the coop, which will be refunded in payments if an investor leaves the coop. So lets say we have 5 members and each person buys $3000 in stock. That would generate the $15,000 needed for a well and pump. If one of those members leaves, that person’s 3000 shares could be refunded over time using the money from the annual fees (or another member could purchase them).

So far, $11,500 has been invested (to purchase the land).

If I ever get the outbuilding finished, that will probably be an additional $1500 or so. Here is where we are with that project, almost ready for the concrete:



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