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November 8, 2016

Current status of the project

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Just received an inquiry and I thought I’d post (an edited version of) my reply here in case anyone else is interested:

Hello (name),
I’m currently trying to form a core group of supporters to raise the funds necessary to move forward. The guiding idea behind the community is a cooperative, democratic form of socialism. I noticed that the “Proposed goals” page on the website doesn’t explain this very clearly (I discuss it on the “About me” page), so I’ve added that to the “Proposed goals” page here:
At this point it’s just undeveloped land. I camp out there in the summer and I’m trying to grow some trees. I put up a barbed wire fence this summer to protect them from cows and wildlife. Yes, it is open range. I have two adjacent 10 acre lots. It appears that one dwelling can be built on each lot, and that additional buildings are allowed if you have a business and need to house employees, etc. There is a lot of undeveloped land nearby that could also be bought if needed.
There are no utilities whatsoever and no well or septic system. The county requires a well and septic system and a code-compliant home or newer mobile home. There is a major power line along the property line, but connecting would be extremely expensive. The sun is intense so solar power is an obvious option (the neighboring property owner uses solar and has a well). Wind can be strong too but is not as steady, so a wind/solar system would be ideal. Any construction, wells or septic systems have to be done by or under the supervision of a Nevada licensed contractor.
Camping is apparently limited to 30 days per year. I assume that is per person but it may be for all persons. If people were going to be doing a lot of camping we would need to check with the county. 30 days per lot? I understand that camping is allowed when you have a building permit and construction is underway.
My idea is to get it rezoned as a recreational camping business and have a yurt campground. It will cost a lot of money to set this up however. Another possibility is some kind of agriculture, fish farming, etc.
The roads leading to the property are mostly gravel and dirt. They are passable but need work. It is only about three miles from Interstate 80 however.
The core group would need to share my vision of a socialist worker cooperative. I’m flexible on exactly how that is set up, but I want it to be democratic and ethical towards the members (i.e., if they leave they get most or all of their money back, which is why I thought of using the corporate shareholder model).
After it gets up and running we might be open to a broader range of participants, but I think it’s important that the founding members be on the same page and share the same goal, so if you aren’t an enthusiastic communitarian socialist we are probably not a good match.
Thanks for your interest and let me know if you have other questions,
Edwin Stamm
(I have blank lines inserted between my paragraphs when I edit this, but when I save it they disappear… Except for the first line.)

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