Anarres 2 cooperative community

June 13, 2016

Summer 2016 Update

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I’ve been camping out here at A2 this June and I’ve gotten a lot done. The weather has been nice. I put sun screen fabric on the car shelter. It’s doing a good job, not as noisy as the plastic tarp, but I’d still like to put a straw or bamboo mat on top of the fabric to make it sturdier. I’ve finished the barbed wire fence, to keep the free-ranging cows out. I put the canvas roof on the yurt for the first time and figured out a way to hold it in place. It has held up pretty well, but there haven’t been any strong storms yet. It’s nice to have some shade and privacy, but it gets very hot on hot, sunny days. I just use it as a utility and storage area. I also cleared a fire break around the trees and the yurt.

I have a major decision to make. There is a new RV park (apparently) going in across from my neighbor to the west. It looks like development is coming to our wilderness area. I’ve been thinking about contacting the owners of the 20 acre lot just to my east and making them an offer on their land. That would give us a 40 acre square lot with gravel/dirt “roads” on two sides. If we decide to have a cooperative yurt camping business in the future, which I think would be popular, keeping that lot undeveloped would help preserve the natural setting. Or, alternatively, we could develop that lot since it’s a little easier to reach. To our south we have BLM land which is not likely to be developed (hopefully).

The other option is to spend money on a well, which will probably cost 150% as much as buying the extra land. My neighbor to the west, who has kindly been letting me use his well water, has been hinting that it’s probably a good idea for me to get my own well, but $15,000 is a lot of money.

The problem is I don’t have a lot of money. It would put me at financial risk (i.e., I would end up spending all my savings) if I pay for either of these by myself. So it would be really nice to find some other people who are seriously interested in helping this cooperative community idea move forward who would be willing to invest. In a worse case scenario, we’d have a 40 acre square lot with a well (and eventually trees), which SHOULD be worth more than what it cost.

But I need to be really selective to be sure the people who get involved at the start have a democratic, ethical, civil libertarian, socialist perspective, in order to get things started off in the right direction. That’s a fairly limited target group.

It would also be nice if people who fit these criteria, but who don’t have money to invest, could help out by visiting during the summer when I’m not here to plant and/or water trees, so that there will be some precious shade to enjoy when people are eventually able to start living here. I think the monthly dues I suggested were $20 a month for prospective members, so that should not be out of anyone’s reach, but we could waive the dues in return for labor. If we do that though, at the present rate it will be a while until we can raise the money to pay for a well, septic system, housing and solar system, which will be needed if people are going to actually live out here.

So, if I take a longer term view, I should try to buy the land east of A2, and if I am thinking in the shorter term, I should go for the well. But realistically, I don’t actually have the money to safely do either by myself. Hmm….

If anyone is going to visit this summer, the weekend of June 18/19 would be a good time to come. I may take a little road trip after that, since I’ve gotten everything done that I wanted to do. Leave me a message here to let me know if you’re coming.


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