Anarres 2 cooperative community

June 19, 2014

June 2014

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I just finished up my annual visit and got several projects done. I finished the brick work, roof frame and got the door on the yurt. I hoed fire breaks around the yurt and the trees. I put in a water tank so that visitors or my helpful neighbors can water the trees when I’m not there, without hauling water.  And I built a water catchment along a dry stream bed, but one neighbor told me the only time water runs along that gully is when, once every 10 or 15 years, there’s a huge storm, in which case the whole thing will probably get washed away. Oh well. Putting in a well will probably cost in the range of $14,000, which I really don’t have at the moment. Plus, I don’t want to plant any more trees until someone will be around to water them.


I’ve been thinking of possible cooperative businesses that could be done out there. Many people in the area grow alfalfa or raise cattle. It seems like you could grow other crops during the summer (with irrigation). It has a dry, sunny climate that seems like it would be good for grapes, almonds, apricots, etc. but it may get too cold during the winter. There doesn’t seem to be anywhere locally to buy gravel, so you could operate a gravel pit. There don’t seem to be any businesses in Imlay except for RV parks, so a coffee shop, laundromat, food coop or hardware store/tool rental place, or something like that might be a possibility, but it would have to be located IN Imlay, and there doesn’t seem to be any business rental property. You could operate a shuttle service between Imlay and Winnemucca. You’d have to ask the local people what they need, but it’s a very small town, so it might be hard to make a profit just focusing on the local market. It would be a great place for solar power collectors, but it would be expensive to set up connected to the grid.


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