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February 1, 2013

Rethinking location

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After more thought about a location, on the one hand, objectively, Canada seems to be the best location, because of language, cultural similarity and their health care system. On the other hand, because I have an elderly mother in Arizona and a daughter in Texas, I’ve been reconsidering the U.S. and Mexico as possible locations. Mexico is having a lot of internal problems, especially with the drug cartels, but they didn’t send troops to invade and occupy Iraq or Afghanistan, they provide some level of health care to all their citizens, and even private medical care is much cheaper than in the U.S., and they don’t have the death penalty. And they don’t claim to have the right to detain people indefinitely without a trial. But there are large cultural differences, corruption issues and a language barrier to contend with. A part of me feels like it should be located in the U.S., so I can help push things in a better direction, but the cynic in me says this is not only unlikely to do much good, but could even be dangerous. I’ve been inquiring about land in northern New Mexico (found some within 40 minutes of an Amtrak station for about $600 an acre), but my questions have gone unanswered regarding depth of wells, taking water out of rivers, or buying water from local cities. I figured, worst case scenario, we could truck in water from a water treatment plant and store it in a tank.

17 acres for $10,000 in New Mexico

Here’s why they aren’t replying: Where Drought Hits N.M. the Hardest

Here’s some land in a remote part of Nevada. Agent says he doesn’t know anything about the depth of wells in the area:

20 acres for $10,900 in northern Nevada

And apparently there’s no easement (no legal way to get to the property)….

Here’s another 20 acre parcel in Nevada, $14,000, but I suspect the power lines nearby are not accessible:

20 acres $14,000 near Imlay, NV

It’s zoned “Agriculture, Mining and Recreation” so there are restrictions on what you can build (one building, basically). It’s about 36 minutes from the Amtrak station in Winnemucca.


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