Anarres 2 cooperative community

August 8, 2012


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I’ve been dithering with my planned trip to Mongolia. I found a piece of land for sale in Saskatchewan, but I can’t afford to buy it, repair the old well, have the electricity reconnected, and fix up the house on my own. Plus it’s darn expensive to get to Saskatchewan from Japan! Best option seems to be flying to Minneapolis or Vancouver and taking the train.

I’ve also discovered that if you fly OUT of Mongolia RT, it’s much cheaper than flying in. Hmmm… decisions, decisions.

UPDATE: Well, my decision became a little easier. There was a story about the history of cooperatives in Saskatchewan at a Canadian socialist blog called Next Year Country. I posted a comment asking if anyone would be interested in starting a new cooperative community in Saskatchewan. My comment was deleted….. THAT kind of socialism we can do without.

UPDATE 2: I just discovered that Manitoba has a socialist government now – duh. Well, I’m not Canadian, so how would I know? The land seems a lot more expensive than in Saskatchewan though….

And here’s an interesting article about Mongolia:


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